I teared up seeing it for the first time. It was as though she could read my heart.

She took my vision and ideas into a reality far better than I could have dreamed.

Louise completely understood what I wanted and some how managed to turn my ramblings and pinterest board into a logo more perfect than I ever imagined.

It was amazing to see the website take shape and I'm so happy to have a luxurious website which I love! 

She was extremely helpful and made any requested changes easily and swiftly.

From the start she understood my vision and my aesthetic.

Louise made the floral sketches come to life and I'm in love!

Her method for helping me uncover what I wanted in a logo and website was amazing.

She just was amazing, patient, and gave me everything I never knew I was looking for in a logo!

Her style blended perfectly with mine & I appreciated her attention to detail.