Suzanne Marie : New Logo, Brand and Showit 5 Website

I love being a Showit 5 designer. The platform is so great to design on and the options are truly endless. That is why today, I am so excited to share today the totally new and improved brand, logo and website design for Suzanne Marie Photography!

Showit 5 website designer

When Suzanne and I were talking about her project the words she gave me that she wanted her brand to invoke were adventurous, elegant, welcoming, expensive and classic. Even from the mood board above I think its plain to see that we nailed these key words through her visual brand.

showit 5 designer

Suzanne is a Couples and Wedding Photographer who specializes in mountain weddings. She moved from Squarespace to Showit and needed a refresh to embody everything that she wants her brand to stand for and I think we were absolutely successful!

showit 5 designer

Congratualations Suzanne and don’t forget to go and check out her new site! It’s a stunner!



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