Sarah Wayte – Custom logo and branding

Custom logo

WOW! I am still swooning over this incredible mood board that was used to create the all new, custom logo and branding for Sara Wayte Photography. Those colors! This is one of my absolute favorites to date!

Custom logo

Our project included a new custom logo, branding and an update to her current website to match her new brand. My absolute favorite part of this design was the hand drawn anatomical heart. Did you see that? Sarah has an anatomical heart tattoo herself. We did a sketched look and added flowers to make the entire look feel more elegant.

Custom logo Custom logo

Sarah is a wedding and portrait photographer working in England and she wanted a brand that was quirky, fun, natural, relaxed and friendly. She also wanted a rich and warm color palette.

Custom logo Custom logo

Don’t forget to go and check out her newly updated website HERE!

From the client:

“I am absolutely over the moon, overjoyed, thrilled, amazed and awed at the amazing experience working with Louise has been. She has not only delivered everything I’ve asked, she has given me so much more than I ever expected. 

Working with her has been an absolute pleasure and I cannot rave about her enough! I will be telling EVERYONE just how wonderful she, and in turn, The Autumn Rabbit, is. And I will be back when I eventually decide to get my website properly updated. But, for now, she’s got it all looking absolutely amazing. 

Do not hesitate to choose The Autumn Rabbit, you definitely will not be disappointed! Louise… THANK YOU!!! X” – Sarah Wayte

November 25, 2016

Lissa Ryan Photography – Custom Squarespace Website design, logo and branding

custom squarespace design

I loved working with Lissa Ryan Photography on her all new custom Squarespace website design as well as designer her new logo and branding. I absolutely adore the above mood board with the muted colors, textures and vibe that it portrays.

custom squarespace design

Lissa is a fine-art wedding and portrait photographer who wanted her brand to evoke a fine-art, emotional and romantic feel while also appealing to a high-end, sophisticated client. By using the monogram styled design incorporated into her logo and fonts, paired with the soft muted colors we were right on track to achieve exactly what Lissa was looking for.

custom squarespace design custom squarespace design

Lissa’s newly designed and custom Squarespace site pairs her gorgeous images together with a clean and minimal style of website that will surely appeal to her ideal clients. Check out her new site HERE! 



November 25, 2016

Angie Jackson Photography – Custom logo, branding and Showit 5 Website

Showit 5 website

Doesn’t this mood board just scream soft, elegant and relaxing! I so enjoyed creating this custom Logo, branding and brand new Showit 5 Website for Angie Jackson Photography!

Angie wanted a modern and clean design that evoked femininity, so we created a handpainted logo that would do just that!



Showit 5 website


Angie is a wedding & portrait photographer and she ultimately wanted her brand to feel classic, romantic, inviting, high-end and organic. We pulled in some textures and and soft muted colors with a high-end aesthetic to achieve this goal. Getting her site live on the new Showit 5 platform was also an exciting way to pair her beautiful images with her brand new romantic brand!


Don’t forget to check out Angie’s newly designed Showit 5 Website HERE! 



November 23, 2016

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As the summer season is now drawing to a close.. now it’s time to think about your #rebrand! And nothing makes rebranding easier than using a pre designed website template especially when it’s created using the awesome Showit 5 platform!

Just Purchase → Install → Refine → Launch. It’s that easy!

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September 27, 2016

Suzanne Marie : New Logo, Brand and Showit 5 Website

I love being a Showit 5 designer. The platform is so great to design on and the options are truly endless. That is why today, I am so excited to share today the totally new and improved brand, logo and website design for Suzanne Marie Photography!

Showit 5 website designer

When Suzanne and I were talking about her project the words she gave me that she wanted her brand to invoke were adventurous, elegant, welcoming, expensive and classic. Even from the mood board above I think its plain to see that we nailed these key words through her visual brand.

showit 5 designer

Suzanne is a Couples and Wedding Photographer who specializes in mountain weddings. She moved from Squarespace to Showit and needed a refresh to embody everything that she wants her brand to stand for and I think we were absolutely successful!

showit 5 designer

Congratualations Suzanne and don’t forget to go and check out her new site! It’s a stunner!


September 22, 2016

Amanda Blair by Design – Custom Logo & Branding Project

Oh my goodness….SWOON! So pumped to share this new custom logo & branding project I recently completed for Amanda Blair by design!

Custom Logo & Branding Project

Amanda wanted her brand to speak the following words: Organic, Feminine, Timeless, Luxury and Personal. I love how all of these words ebb and flow together so we incorporated a hand written logo design with a complimenting monogram. The entire brand is feminine and minimalistic with watercolor textures throughout.

Custom Logo & Branding Project



I love what Amanda mentioned in her initial branding questionnaire regarding the style she liked

‘Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance'”.

Custom Logo & Branding Project

Love it! Congrats to Amanda on her brand new logo and branding!

Custom Logo & Branding Project



September 22, 2016

Introducing – 3 brand new Showit 5 templates!

Argyle  ◊  Josephine  ◊  Madeline


I am so excited to announce that I just launched three brand new Showit 5 templates! These are now available in my shop and I love how they all came together.

I absolutely love designing on Showit because it really is such an amazing platform. Wondering why Showit is so great?!?! Well, let me tell you! I love it especially for all of the following reasons:

  • Responsive Canvas technology
  • Ability to design your WordPress blog in Showit
  • Drag + Drop Builder
  • Absolutely No Coding Required

Are you convinced? Interested in the new templates just released? More info about each one of them below!

First up, Argyle!

Argyle is a modern design injected with a timeless pattern composition. A multi page website design with matching blog and mobile site.

You can easily customize colors to suit your brand with the uniquely simple layout.

Showit 5 template for sale Argyle

Full Screen Argyle-01

Purchase Argyle HERE

Next up is Josephine

Perfect for displaying your images in a gorgeous large grid format with a static sidebar to contain your menu, ensuring your visitors can always navigate with ease.

Josephine comes with 2 gallery style pages, a simple blog design and an instagram widget!

Showit 5 template for sale Josephine

Showit 5 templates for sale

Purchase Josephine HERE

And last we have Madeline!

Clean, modern and simple with effortless geometric accents. Madeline features 3 different galleries and separated pages and 3 graphic templates in PSD format are included also.

Showit 5 template Madeline

Madeline Showit 5 template

Purchase Madeline HERE

For a limited time, I am offering a 25% discount on the purchase of any of these Showit 5 Templates. Hurry though, this offer won’t last long!

Use code SHOWIT5   on checkout only at my online store

Offer ends 31st Aug

August 19, 2016

Alyson Berg Photography – New Branding and Showit 5 website

new showit 5 website and branding

Welcome to the all new Alyson Berg Photography!

This was a whole package design for Alyson and I loved every minute of working on it. We did a new logo, brand AND website on the Showit 5 platform for Alyson and I am swooning over how it all came out.

AB Final Branding Board -01

The words Alyson wanted her brand to emulate were inviting, youthful, clean/fresh, high end, cute.

I handpainted her logo and custom elements and paired them with geometric accents, which is one my favorite ways to ensure all of my clients receive a unique and custom design.

AB-03 AB-02

Alyson is an amazingly talented newborn and maternity photographer and it was an absolute pleasure to help her make her brand come to life! Go and check out her website and leave her some love!


August 18, 2016

Wichita Doula – Custom Website design

So happy to introduce this brand new Squarespace website for Wichita Doulas!

new Squarespace website design for wichita doula

I love the diversity of clients I get to work with and the diversity of platforms I get to work on and design on as well!

I loved working with the Wichita Doula team on the design of their brand new Squarespace website. We did their branding last year, but it was time to get their website designed and built to compliment the entire brand.

new Squarespace website design for wichita doula

Squarespace is such a great platform because there are so many beautiful templates to get you started and then you can do a lot of customizing and tweaking along the way to make your site truly unique!

Now that I am beginning to outsource some of my work, its been a pleasure working with some other designers as well to make my visions come to life. On this project I had a huge help from Leesa from Leesa Dykstra Designs and I absolutely loved working with her!

Another fun aspect to this website design is that all images on the site were the result of a specially planned photoshoot ensuring that no stock images were used making sure everything on the site was unique. Very thoughtful indeed. Photographer: T. Marie Photography

new Squarespace website design for wichita doula

August 17, 2016

Teri Fode Photography – New Showit 5 Website

Ohhhh do I have a treat for you today! The newly custom designed website for Teri Fode Photography!

new Showit 5 website design


New Showit site for Teri Fode Photography

This site was one of my absolute favorites to work on and was my BIGGEST Showit 5 project to date!

new Showit 5 website design

This site was a 2 in 1 site featuring both Senior work and Portrait work. Sometimes these sites can be very complicated to set up…getting the navigation and flow can be tough to nail down, but with the plus site capability of Showit we were able to work it out with ease!

new Showit 5 website design

Teri wanted her website to feel clean, professional and high end and I think we accomplished exactly that. Her images are to die for, especially her senior portraits! Go check them out and be inspired!


If you’re wanting to find out more about Showit and their awesome website platform then head on over to their website now to check them out.  They also have lots of free website templates to get you started in their new market place store.

August 16, 2016


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