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Are you tired of using the same clipart graphics as everyone else in your niche?

Have you wanted to take your design business to the next level, offering completely custom artwork to your clients?  But you simply can't put pen (or paintbrush) to paper?

One of the largest challenges a designer can face is creating completely original work for their clients.

You NEED to present awesome designs, which of course you already do - but how many of them include completely ORIGINAL ARTWORK?

Why choose us?


We have 8+ years in the industry and we know how it all works! The good, the bad, and the ugly! We know how to help you help your clients.

We know what file types you need and we know how quickly you need them! And, we always aim to work to your deadline and will tell you upfront if we can't. We also work with all the good Adobe apps.

We love to paint, sketch, draw and design!  In this industry you can't excel if you don't have a passion for it.  This is ours.

BEST OF ALL - We don't retain ownership of the graphics!  On handover it is all yours to do with as you please. Use them for one client or a million projects - it's up to you.

INDIVIDUAL WATERCOLOR ELEMENTS - starting at £50 ea. (approx US$65 ea.)

Please don't be put off by the £££'s - We can convert and you can pay in the currency of your choosing, thanks to the magic of paypal!

Set of up to 15 separate hand painted watercolor floral elements, provided in PNG format

WATERCOLOR FLORAL SET - starting at £250 (approx US$325)

INDIVIDUAL SKETCHED BOTANICALS - starting at £35 ea. (approx US$45 ea.)

SKETCHED FLORAL SET - starting at £200 (approx US$260)

Set of up to 15 separate hand sketched floral elements, provided in PNG & vector format

This is just an idea of what our most popular packages cost.  Please get in touch for a custom quote, as prices may vary according to style and amount of work needed.

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"Louise is a phenomenal artist. I’ve worked with her several times to create custom illustrations for projects I’ve worked on. The artwork has all been absolutely beautiful, fit perfectly within my budget, and was delivered so quickly. I will most definitely be back for future projects!"


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I would LOVE to chat and find out more about you and your needs!