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We major in glorious visual branding, cutting-edge custom website designs and beautifully realised illustrations for creatives who are looking for much, much more than just a little polish. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re on the hunt for that elusive missing ingredient, that certain something that sets great websites apart from merely “good” ones. You’re looking for something different that will turn browsers into bookers every single time. 

You’ve found The Autumn Rabbit:
the place where gorgeous brand identities are born (or re-born).

You're a fabulous designer too and you’d like me to magic up some gorgeous illustrations, paintings or graphic design work to zhuzh up your own clients projects.

White Label

We build (or re-build) your visual identity from the ground up with a perfectly pitched custom Wordpress or Showit website design, complete with custom logo design and hand-drawn illustration (if that's what you're digging).

The Works

You take one of our beautifully curated Showit website templates and make it your own. Either do it yourself or hire us to install and launch for you!

Off the Shelf

Our hunch is that you probably fall into one of three categories:

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est 2012

Lemme guess. I’m gonna take a shot in the dark here and say that you probably built your first website yourself and – while it’s definitely served a purpose – you’re ready to step everything up. It’s time for a grown-up site for a business that knows what it’s about and knows exactly who it’s catering to. Am I right? If this sounds close to the mark, then HALLELUJAH because you are in the right place. My team and I are ready and waiting to make your design dreams a reality and evolve your brand into something eye-wateringly beautiful and refreshingly eye-catching. 


10 years!

CALLYN, Sunrise Art & Design

“She is a UNIQUE combination of organised and professional while also having amazing ARTISTIC ability.”

Sharnelle Ashleigh Handmade Knits

“I am completely blown over by Louise’s creativity and I couldn’t have redone my logo without her.”

lara arnott photography

“Look no further - Louise is the only person I will ever use! I had a truly outstanding experience”

SHOP our templates 

If you’re not quite in the market for a full brand overhaul but want a new website, then an eye-catching, fully customisable Showit website template might be just the thing. 

Perfect for all business owners who want to display their work in a polished, and professional way.  Showit is a great choice mostly because of its easy-to-implement drag and drop features, meaning you don’t necessarily need to know how to code. This means that updating your site and making tweaks both large and small is really easy to pick up, which really cuts down on time and costs. 

for stylish creatives and professional small businesses who want to stand out from the crowd.

Eye-Catching & Unique Showit Website Templates

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