Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, 100% yes! I create and hand draw all of my custom graphic design work and copyright will be given to you upon completion. Your custom design will NEVER be resold—ever!

Unlimited revisions on all custom design work (logo, branding & website design!). Always! I don’t stop until you are 100% in love with your design. I learn as much as I can about your business and put a lot of care and thought into my graphic designs. Because of this process, my project time usually fluctuates anywhere from 4-16 weeks. Contact me for more information on current wait times.

Each project time can vary greatly depending on how much work is required. Additionally, communication time between us can play a large part in timing. There is no set time really, but I can usually give you an estimate.

Absolutely! I have worked with numerous customers from all around the globe. The only thing that really needs to be taken into consideration is the time difference when communicating on a project.

Occasionally, but it is not currently offered as a general service. Let’s discuss your printing needs and I’ll see how I can help.

Pretty much anything you need. As standard on a Logo design I will send you PNG, PDF, JPG, EPS and PSD files. 

Your files will be uploaded to Google Drive and you will be given a link to a shared folder to download everything from.

Adobe Creative Cloud. Most of my designs are originally created in Adobe Illustrator as vector files and then converted to various other formats (including photoshop files) as required.

I usually try to accommodate your rush job, depending on our production schedule. Contact me to find out what my schedule looks like.

Currently I am only designing on Showit, Wordpress (Prophoto + Divi Themes) and the Squarespace platforms.

Occasionally, yes! Click here to join our newsletter and be the first to receive notifications of offers and promotions.

Yes! For more information contact me directly to discuss.

Paypal is my preferred method. Don’t have PayPal? Don’t Worry, PayPal accepts all credit and debit cards. I also accept bank transfers and cash (if you fancy a visit!)

Check out all the details here and get an in-depth look at my process.

NO (sorry, did I shout that out loud?). *ahem* No, we don’t offer SEO or copywriting as such, simply because it’s not really our bag. You wouldn’t pay a baboon to do your taxes (would you? ). But we do know some great copywriters and SEO bods so if you need one, just shout. We’ll hook you up.

There’s very few non-braggy ways to put this, but we really are as good as we think we are. Not only do we have a host of happy clients in our portfolio, but we have a nice reputation for being excellent listeners. We’ll collaborate closely with you to give you the rebrand you really want, absorbing all of your feedback and ideas while still pitching in a few of our own when appropriate. We think you’re going to love working with us. 

Of course! We design our packages to meet our clients most common needs but if you need something a bit south of regular then we can work with that. 

Just send me a message though my contact form or schedule in a consultation (free of charge).

Need more details?  Check out exactly how we work and what you can expect.


Let's take your business to the next level, with a cohesive brand to make you stand apart from the rest!



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