Lissa Ryan Photography – Custom Squarespace Website design, logo and branding

custom squarespace design

I loved working with Lissa Ryan Photography on her all new custom Squarespace website design as well as designer her new logo and branding. I absolutely adore the above mood board with the muted colors, textures and vibe that it portrays.

custom squarespace design

Lissa is a fine-art wedding and portrait photographer who wanted her brand to evoke a fine-art, emotional and romantic feel while also appealing to a high-end, sophisticated client. By using the monogram styled design incorporated into her logo and fonts, paired with the soft muted colors we were right on track to achieve exactly what Lissa was looking for.

custom squarespace design custom squarespace design

Lissa’s newly designed and custom Squarespace site pairs her gorgeous images together with a clean and minimal style of website that will surely appeal to her ideal clients. Check out her new site HERE! 




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