Custom Website Design

One of the most significant components to building a successful business is fostering trust between you and your clients. When you establish trust, your consumer is more likely to invest in your business or even become a repeat customer. But how do you cultivate this trust while developing your company? Your website plays an essential role in this process. Custom website design can improve the growth of your business by making it more “real” to your potential client.

1. Select an Effective Custom Website Platform 

The appearance of your website is one of the most critical elements to building client trust. Visitors form a first impression as soon as they land on your website. Therefore, creating a custom web design that is visually appealing and is unique to you and your brand is critical to your business success. 

If you lack experience in custom website design and are unsure where to start, there are several steps you can take to ensure your site communicates your brand’s identity while also displaying manageable content for positive customer experiences. To start, connect with an artist who is well-versed in graphic and web design. 

As a Showit design partner, I design client websites for creative businesses. Photographers, florists, and wedding/event planners generally use a Showit web design as a portfolio site to showcase their work in unique ways. These designs provide clean, organized, and consistent looks—components that are vital to developing business credibility!

2. Build Trustworthiness Through Visual Appeal

The aesthetic design choices you make are pivotal when creating your website. Remember, your custom web design is also what distinguishes you from your competitors! So when you speak with your web designer, communicate your vision and long term goals as best as you can. 

Your designer can then optimize different elements like custom fonts and images, color, graphics, page layout, and ease of navigation, while also incorporating your vision, to create the ideal user experience. Consistency on every page is key to building your brand and making sure your users feel comfortable browsing your website, and it can help them make informed choices when deciding their next steps. 

3. Optimize Search Engines, Calls-to-Action, and Copy

Did you know more than 50 percent of website traffic comes through a search engine such as Google or DuckDuckGo?2 Businesses rely heavily on SEO—search engine optimization. Therefore, utilizing certain web design elements, keywords, and phrases is essential for reaching potential customers and increasing traffic to your website. 

The goal of SEO is to ensure your page pops up when a person searches a keyword or phrase. When done well, you can continuously draw new customers to your website and effectively market your business to sustain growth. Then when you incorporate strong copy and distinct calls-to-action, you might see an increase in sales as well! 

4. Get Started on Your Custom Web Design

Make your dreams a reality by taking your business to the next level. A website designer can help! Contact The Autumn Rabbit today to schedule your free consultation and receive a custom design quote. Together, we will develop a style that is uniquely yours and tailor it to your needs and your business goals.

Custom Showit Website for Lara Arnott


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