Misty C Photography


I love working with clients who are not only easy to work with but FUN. Misty from Misty C. Photography was exactly that. The time we spent working together was effortless and enjoyable. Misty is a wedding and portrait photographer serving the Pacific Northwest.  And her images are to die for!

Custom Showit 5 website designHer main branding ideals that she was striving forwere joyful, timeless, fresh, FUN and high end, without being TOO high end. Even though that is a lot to accomplish and communicate through her brand, I think we were very successful!


Custom Showit 5 website design


We created a brand new logo for her and tightened up all of her branding to be cohesive and fun. We incorporated a monogram with some geometric elements and overall achieved a clean and timeless brand.

Custom Showit 5 website design

All of that tied into her awesome brand new website build on the Showit 5 platform! I am a Showit Design Partner and absolutely love working on Showit. Their product is top notch and a dream for any designer to work on.

Custom Showit 5 website design

Misty wrote the sweetest blog post about our experience working together and I am so overjoyed that she enjoyed our collaboration so much! We had a great branding experience and I am excited to follow her journey and watch her business flourish!

Custom Showit 5 website design

Custom Logo, Brand + Showit Website Launch

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