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ProPhoto WordPress Theme Feature

If you’re thinking of creating a website for your photography or service-based business, there are a variety of options available. ProPhoto is a WordPress theme created specifically for photographers, bloggers, and other professionals. This easy-to-use software puts you, the business owner, in control of your website. As a custom website designer, I work with a variety of platforms, including ProPhoto. It is a fun option and easy to manage. Imagine my surprise when ProPhoto WordPress Theme featured me, The Autumn Rabbit!

When you’re a creator, what one person sees as beautiful or unique may not be considered by another in the same way. As a creative yourself, you know first-hand how creativity is entirely subjective. This reality is both exhilarating and terrifying! Yet despite what the critics might say, the only way to continue growing and evolving is doing. As you polish your art, you will discover others who acknowledge and value your talent. 

Prophoto Website Design

This January, Prophoto recognized The Autumn Rabbit for our ProPhoto website design for Katie Jewell Co. Katie Jewell is a one-person wedding expert in northern Alabama. This woman is a wonder to talk to; as a wedding photographer and a wedding planner, she is your go-to for all things wedding related. What an honor it is not only to have worked with Katie to build her dream site but also to be recognized as one of the ProPhoto designers of the month puts the whole experience over-the-top. 

As a photography website software, Prophoto is “a highly-customizable, easy to use theme built for the popular WordPress platform.” With simple controls and a selection of fonts, colors, graphics, and zero coding knowledge required, anyone can use it for their WordPress website/blog. For website newbies to long-time web design experts – ProPhoto should be on the shortlist for all small business owners. 

I am so appreciative of Prophoto’s feature and its recognition for my custom textures, layouts, and photography. 

Creating Custom Work

As a custom website design company, I pride myself on creating powerful image features for clients needing logo and branding services to move their businesses forward. For example, my customers can combine a custom graphic design piece and build a DIY logo. They can incorporate watercolor and hand-sketched clipart for personal use in greeting cards, stationery, or scrapbooks. Every design is unique, hand-drawn, or painted. 

Working and Designing Together 

My goal at The Autumn Rabbit is to create a style that represents you and your business the best—extraordinary and made to last. Message me today about custom web design services and schedule your free consultation to get started. 

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