What is Showit?

If you’ve been thinking about building your own website or even refreshing your existing site, you’ve likely heard about Showit 5. So, what is Showit, anyway? It is an easy-to-use photography website builder platform, perfect not just for photographers, but also for florists, event planners, and anyone looking for a beautiful, user-friendly website.

A User-Friendly Platform

Presenting your work to potential clients is both exhilarating and unnerving, especially when your website is the first introduction they have to you and your business. But what if you lack website building experience and feel less than qualified to create one? Is creating a DIY website possible?

Remember, you are a creator, and putting your website together is not something you need to fear. There are several user-friendly DIY website platforms you can use to design beautiful, custom websites for photographers with ease, and Showit is one of the best.  

Building Your Showit Website

Showcasing your talent while achieving your vision is a necessary part of branding and establishing your business. As you build your online presence, leave a positive, lasting impression on your online consumers with a website that best represents you and the services you offer. 

Showit, a photography website builder, lets you create custom work or plugin premade website templates so you can produce content that fits your style, attract your ideal client, and is easy to use. Premade Showit 5 templates give you immediate downloads so you can customize your content at your convenience. All you need is a Showit account to get started. 

Showit’s simple “drag and drop” feature let you tell your story through images and galleries. You have the freedom to place your content anywhere you want it and can choose from several attractive themes and custom graphics to build upon your images’ look and feel.

With 952 Google font options, you can also customize your text to get the look you desire. If you want to create your font, you can add a custom creation. The possibilities are limitless! Even better, you won’t need to learn how to code to update your site once you launch it! 

Working with Showit 5 and WordPress

Adding a blog to a site can be challenging on certain platforms. Showit simplifies this process. With Showit, you can design your blog with the same creative ease you have when building your website. 

Simply design your blog in Showit and write your blogs in WordPress. Any new blog content you create automatically uses your Showit website template. If you want to make changes in your blog’s design, Showit applies the changes to all your blog posts as soon as you hit the publish button. 

Already using WordPress? No problem! You can continue blogging as normal without having to make any changes to your existing blog posts by converting your Showit 5 design into your WordPress theme. Design your WordPress theme on the Showit website and then publish your blog articles in WordPress.

Collaborating for Business Success

Website design doesn’t have to be stressful. But it should be fun! If you get stuck or prefer to have someone else handle the details, a Showit website designer can help! Contact The Autumn Rabbit today! Together, we will develop a style that is uniquely yours and is one specially tailored to your needs and your business.

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