DIY Logo Using Clipart

Starting a business is exciting and stressful, and the choices you make can either make or break you. Accordingly, your business logo is one of the most significant parts of building your brand. Not only is it a visual representation of your business, but it is also the face of your business. Your logo is your business identity! Every element you use to create it—words, colors, fonts, clipart—communicates your brand’s image. Many new companies opt to create a DIY logo. 

If you’re ready to build your logo or want to revamp your current one, creating your own without hiring a graphic designer is possible. Several user-friendly DIY logo websites are available to help you design a logo with ease. Even better, you can purchase premade watercolor or hand-sketched clipart or logos from The Autumn Rabbit on Etsy as a starting point for designing a DIY logo unique to your brand. 

DIY Logo Design Websites 

As you brainstorm business logo ideas, take time to explore online photography logo maker websites. While there are several website options out there, Wix and Looka will generate logo ideas for you based on your responses to their business questions.

Wix describes its business as offering customized logo design through features like font, color, size, and text. Looka, an AI-powered platform, boasts creating logos that reflect your vision, regardless of your design skills. 

To begin working on either site, enter your company name and industry and then pick a logo style, colors, and symbol preferences. Both websites will use your selections to generate custom logo designs. As you browse their suggestions, identify your likes and dislikes to determine the direction you want to go. Play around with the options—have fun! Importantly, get a feel for what represents your brand the best.

Creating a DIY Logo with Canva

When you are ready to design your graphic using a photography logo maker, jump over to Canva—a helpful tool for non-designers. Here you can create custom logos fast and for free! Search keywords, choose from a wide-rage of icons and illustrations, and scroll through their fonts, colors, and background suggestions to see what that appeals to your business and style. 

If you purchase premade clipart from The Autumn Rabbit, upload your designer digital images through Canva, and layer them to continue building logo designs until you reach your desired result. Canva even provides color options based on the pictures you upload, so there’s no need to search for matching color combinations. Drag and drop your uploads or selections into your design and download your finished personal logo design when ready.

Finding DIY Logo Inspiration

At the Autumn Rabbit, I create watercolor and hand-sketched clip art and premade logos for creative clients. Each element is created by hand, then digitized for your use, not just for logos, but for any design you can imagine! We’ve recently found one in custom fabric for baby blankets. 

Contact A Custom Logo and Brand Designer 

The Autumn Rabbit Etsy store offers several logo options for your photography, floral, or wedding/event planning business. Let’s chat for your free logo design consultation or questions you have regarding personalization and licensing agreements. I can’t wait to brainstorm with you about your DIY logo!

Business Logo Ideas