Showit vs. Squarespace

Showit vs. Squarespace–Which builds better websites for photographers? A custom logo and website designer weighs in on these drag-and-drop website platforms.

Showit vs. Squarespace – You’ve heard they are both of these drag-and-drop website platforms are the best, and other photographers swear by them. But how do they know? Did every photographer, entrepreneur, and small business owner try them both and decide that theirs was the best? And, if not, how did they make the decision? As a custom logo, brand, and website designer, I help small business owners choose the platform that is best suited for their businesses. Let’s discuss the differences between Showit 5 and Squarespace website platforms for small businesses: 

Terminology Overview

If this is your first time creating your own website (or even your second or third), the technical jargon can be a bit overwhelming. This blog won’t mean anything to you if we don’t differentiate some of the more complicated terminologies. 

Domain Name: This is your actual website address, think It doesn’t matter where you purchase this. Once you buy it, it’s yours, but you’ll need to pay for it annually. A domain name is $10 to $20 per year, generally. In most cases, .com is better than .net or .org. Is your .com unavailable? Let’s discuss your options before you buy! 

Web Hosting:  Your website host is a third-party that securely stores everything needed to make up your website. Be sure to do your research before jumping into an agreement because you want the company to be reputable for your company’s safety and for your viewers and their experience. 

Website Platform: Once you have your domain name and your website host, you’ll need to choose a stage to build your production, i.e., a website platform. There are website platform options to choose from. Some even include hosting! I like ones with a Content Management System (CMS) because you don’t need to know about coding, making it easier for you to maintain in the long-run. Today we will compare Showit vs. Squarespace — two popular website platforms for photographers, event planners, florists, and other service-based businesses. 

The Website Platform Cost

Let’s face it, the cost is most certainly a factor when making decisions — especially when it is an ongoing agreement. A website platform is a cost you’ll have as long as you own your website. Although you can change your platform choice as needed, it isn’t something you’ll want to do frequently. Let’s see who wins in Showit vs. Squarespace:

Squarespace:  $12-$40 per month when billed annually, includes hosting and a domain (with restrictions).

Showit: $19-$34 per month when billed annually, includes hosting. 

Although both are similarly priced, each offers its own unique set of features that are worth looking into.

Website Platform Ease of Use

What good is a cost-friendly website if it’s impossible to update or use yourself? The good news is that you can’t really go “wrong” with the ease of using either of these drag-and-drop website platforms. Both are great alternatives to learning how to code your own website, offer drag-and-drop features, and are user-friendly. 

Showit vs. Squarespace on Creativity

This is where the two platforms really seem to differentiate themselves. Both Showit and Squarespace for photographers can work with templates, but that is just about where the similarities end. 

Although Squarespace does have a template library, this is a collection of their designs with limited creative capabilities. While you can use a template designed by a professional that you purchase from their site or a third-party seller, these templates’ set up is manual and still has customization limitations. All-in-all, it can be done; it just takes a few more steps. 

Showit has a template library that consists of both free and paid templates from various design partners. You can also easily purchase a website template from a seller’s website or a third-party seller and upload it to Showit. Showit templates can be used as-is or can be completely customized to suit your needs. Fonts, colors, shapes, backgrounds, and more — it can all be customized. 

Alternatively, you can create your very own website using Showit’s “simple” template. From a designer’s perspective, Showit is preferred because the only design limit is the imagination. 

Showit, Squarespace and SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is an elusive concept for even the most knowledgeable business owners. Basically, SEO is your site’s ability to rank in a website search. According to SEO expert, Jes Finton of Jes Unscripted and The Avenlee Collective, thousands of factors influence your website’s ranking, including Google’s AI features. No two search results are 100% the same from one device to the next, even with the same user. Yet, there are certain moves you can make to help your chances of showing up at the top. 

“Search engines and Google, in particular, are primarily interested in ranking websites that deliver an exceptional user experience,” Jes explains. That means making sure that your website not only provides valuable and relevant information but also that it is user-friendly and delivers a one-of-a-kind experience. For that reason, Google shows a slight preference for WordPress and non-templated websites. Showit works with WordPress and allows for complete customization, even when starting with a Showit website template. I believe that Showit has found a way to enable users to maximize SEO while simultaneously making it easy for business owners to create their dream website.

“Between Showit and Squarespace, a website is likely to perform better on the Showit platform because of its focus on customization, it’s pairing with WordPress, and its mobile-friendly website integrations.” 

Squarespace automatically creates a mobile version of your website, which is extremely useful for those who don’t want to fiddle with a second version of the same site. Unfortunately, if an element doesn’t translate correctly, it can harm your client experience. You also can’t do much to fix it either, besides removing it from the site entirely. 

Therefore, Squarespace’s limitations can unintentionally negatively impact your SEO. Showit does not have these limitations, so if SEO is your concern, Showit may be better suited for your business. 

Overall Assessment of Showit vs. Squarespace

Between Showit and Squarespace website platforms, you can’t really go wrong with either option. Each one has a unique set of benefits for business owners and I work with both frequently. However, for service-based entrepreneurs, such as photographers, event planners, and florists, Showit, and Showit templates are well-suited and always my preference. As a Showit Design Partner, I design user-friendly, mobile responsive websites that showcase your talents in the best light. Be sure to scroll the Showit website template library for DIY website solutions or, if you’re needing customization, message me to schedule a consultation. I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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